There will be 2 adults residing in the home.  Do we doth have to apply?

  • Yes.  All legally competent adults must apply.

How much is the application fee?

  • The application fee is $35 per adult and should be the FINAL step in the application process.

How do you know that the application fee belongs to my application?

  • The name on the application fee must match the name on the application.  That is how the office knows who has and has not paid the application fee.

Why is it important to read the leasing requirement?  Aren't all companies the about the same?

  • It is extremely important to read every companies guide lines, as each companies policies vary.

I have been on my current job for 5 months, but I have been in this field for years. Would I qualify?

  • Unfortunately, you would not qualify at this time. We require an applicant to be at their current job for a minimum of 6 months.

My income is not 3 times the rent, but it is very close.  Does a few dollars really matter?

  • Top Rentals qualifying standards are non-negotiable and must be followed to the letter.

I’m self-employed. Can I provide paystubs?

  • Top Rentals requires that self-employed individuals must provide 2 years of income tax statements as income verification. 

I’ve looked over everything and see a home that I love. What do I need to do to view it?

  • Please contact the showing agent at 404-863-9975 or  678-281-1561 and hit option 1 only to set up an appointment. 

I have seen pictures of the home.  Can I apply?

  • Top Rentals requires that an applicant view the home prior to making application. We cannot accept an application where the home has not been viewed in person. 

I need to move in tomorrow.  Can you help me?

  • From start to finish including application processing, paying all fees, move in inspection, and lease signing, the entire process will take about 6 days,

It has been more than 3 business days since I applied.  Why is my application still in processing?

  •  We do all that we can to get each application completed within the 3 day time period, however, information needed from a 3rd parties can delay processing. This would include employment verifications, rental history verifications, criminal history verification, and unverifiable information. 

 I applied online and my application fee was refunded.  Why?

  •  More than likely the home was leased before processing began on your application.

I did not include all of the required documents, can I email them to you?

  • No.  Email and fax are not secure ways to transmit sensative documents.  If you do not include all of the necessary documents, you must submit a new application.  You are NOT required to pay the fee again.  

I was approved at a higher deposit.  Can I break up the deposit into payments?

  •  The entire deposit must be paid at the same time.

What are your office hours?

  • Monday thru Friday 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.  

 I see some cosmetic items I would like repaired on the home prior to moving in.  Will you repair those items?

  • All homes are leased in “AS IS” conditions as relates to cosmetic repairs. No additional cosmetic items will be addressed.

I want to pay the deposit now to hold the home before I am approved.  Do you allow that?

  • No. You can only pay a deposit after your application is fully approved.

When is the first months rent due?

  • The FULL first months rent is due the day you move in. The following month will be prorated. 

I don’t have all of the documents listed.  Can I still apply?

  • ALL of the required documents must be submitted at the same time. If we receive partial documents, your application fee will be refunded. 

I did not meet the income requirements.  Can I just use a Guarantor?

  •  Top Rentals does not allow Guarantors.  Everyone on the lease agreement must occupy the home.

 I have a rental property that I lease out.  Can I use that income to qualify?

  •  You may use that income to qualify, only if that income was reported to the IRS. 

 I’m an independent contractor.  What documents do I need to submit to prove my income?

  •  You would need the previous 2 years of income tax returns.

 Some of my income is given to me in cash.  Can I use my bank statement to prove this income?

  •  Top Rentals does not accept bank statement to prove income.  You can however, submit your income tax returns to show where the income was declared.

 I know I don’t meet all your qualifications, but I always pay my rent on time.  Why can’t you make an exception for me?

  • Top Rentals under Fair Housing guidelines must abide by the companies written policies. Every application must follow the same guidelines. Exceptions cannot be made, except those that are federally recognized.  The guidelines are non-negotiable.  Although you may have extenuating circumstances, this keeps the screening process fair and unbiased. 

 Do you ever offer a second chance program?

  •  Under our Second Chance Program the credit portion of the application process is more forgiving.  We relax the requirements of past due debt, tax lien amounts, and utility collections.  Homes available under this program ad titles will appear like the example on our website. *Example*