We manage some of the areas most desirable rentals. Our progressive staff understands that consistently working to improve the quality of service and attention to detail are the best ways to provide comfortable communities for the people who have chosen our rentals. Our tenants feel comfortable knowing that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week they will be able to reach a qualified employee who will promptly address any maintenance issue as it relates to their safety or the integrity of your property.



Management of income properties brings different challenges everyday. As an owner, this can be overwhelming and tiresome to find the answers you need. Having a professional property management team handle your rental or association assets, will enable you to invest money, but not lose time and sleep keeping up with the day to day tasks property maintenance involves.

We gladly accommodate clients who are hands-on, hands-off, or somewhere in between. According to the needs of our clients, Power Property Management provides complete property management services, including:

  • Rentals: Preparation of units to obtain maximum rent, tenant screening, advertising
  • Maintenance & Repairs: 24 hours a day, independent vendors at competitive rates
  • Collections & Payables: Rents, invoices, legal notices, court appearances as necessary
  • Accounting: regular financial statements, details of all income and expenses
  • Health & Safety Laws: Regulation compliance and inspections to prevent accidents
  • Tenant Relations: All management and administrative matters
  • Maintenance calls: We are available to owners and tenants. Our staff is always on-call.
  • Project management for capital expenditures
  • Rent control registration and compliance monitoring


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For immediate answers to any question you might have regarding the management of your property please contact toprentalreturns@gmail.com.